Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 60: Cutta Cutta Caves

Today we were going 24km out of town to go to Cutta Cutta Caves. We got up and had breakfast and then got on the road to Cutta Cutta Caves. When we finally got there we got our bags and then went to pay for it.

 Mum and dad came back 5min later in a hurry but they told me they hadn't payed yet but they wanted to show me something, so dad took me over to the building and stopped in the middle of the path and told me there was a snake around somewhere. I looked around and saw him in the bush before he slithered across the path and into the shrub on the other side.

We then payed for our entry and went to wait on the chairs out the front of the building. Dad went for a walk down another track that we realised later that it was a shortcut to the entrance to the cave.
The guide finally came to take us on this walk. It was about 10min walk to the mouth of the cave and then we went in after about 15min we went into the cave ( it was another 5min before we left because there were some slow people).

 The beginning of the cave was quite humid cause of all the heat coming in at the entrance, but when we got to this little hole and you went through it, it suddenly turned quite cool like going through a little portal.

Our guide showed us different sought of things such as stalictites, stalagmites, columns, curtins and waterfall from all the water flowing down the side of the rocks.

We did stop a couple of times so our guide could show us different things, so that really took a lot of time.

When we finally got to the end of the cave it was really humid and I think we all had trouble breathing. There was an extending tunnel to where they tranfered the bats to but it also went 30m underground. We made our way back to the entrance so we could go back to the path. I found the exit to the shortcut.

When we got back to Leonie's place dad and I went to the Hot Springs about 10min from our camp. When we got there it was a walk down some stairs and then into the water.
We were there for about 2 hours before going home, having diner then going to bed.

Written by Sean Campbell

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